Our philosophy

Acca Kappa, a family company founded way back in 1869, is an Italian story of lifestyle, culture and elegance.

Acca Kappa Professional is a collection that H. Krüll dedicates to the greatest professionals in the world of hairdressers, barbers and make-up artists. All hair brushes, combs and make-up brushes are made exclusively in Italy, from the highest quality materials and using the most modern technologies, combined with the craftsmanship that represents the historical heritage of our company. Every detail shows the quality that makes our products perfect for what they are intended for. We have carefully studied them in order to offer you the best ergonomics, performance, comfort and durability. We invite you to discover them.

Authentic Italian production

An old factory in the heart of the beautiful city of Treviso.
A prestigious brand with a rich tradition specializing in the production of professional brushes, perfumes and body care products.
Four generations of master craftsmen have incorporated a great love of precision and an absolute commitment to beauty into every detail of each product. Our factory employs only top-class master craftsmen, lovers of their work, capable of providing each item with the necessary finishing by hand. 
A family business that has remained faithful to enduring values: love for nature and culture, a simple and harmonious way of life, production exclusively in Italy.

New classic and contemporary barber line

New generation technology and craftsmanship represent the brand's historical heritage Acca Kappa and what makes their style and products unique. The wonderful collection is dedicated to passionate fans of shaving in the Italian way. The formulas are made with natural ingredients that protect the skin and turn shaving and beard care into moments of pure enjoyment. High-performance products, in which quality, comfort and Italian style are united, can conquer even the most demanding men.

You can download the Acca Kappa catalog in electronic form here.