Angela Ciampagna


The story of this perfume house begins in 2011, when Angela Ciampagna founded Label Laboratorio Artigianale di Profumeria in the village of Atri in central Italy, to produce fine artisanal perfumes. At the head of this workshop are Anđela Ćampanja, perfume creator and co-founder, and Enrico Marafino, co-founder and production manager.

Their life takes place in the family workshop. Over the years they have created many perfumes for luxury brands. Then Angela and Enrico, partners in life and business, decided to launch their own brand: Angela Ciampagna Alta Profumeria Artigianale.


The philosophy of this house is characterized by the connection between modern production and traditional methods used in Italian workshops at the beginning of the 20th century. The research, passion and visionary character of the workshop led to the production of unique numbered perfumes, individually and hand-wrapped, which are a confirmation of the new style of true Italian artisanal perfection.

Each perfume has its own unique number. All boxes and bottles have the serial number of the product. Artisan techniques, combined with an innovative production process, give perfumes their smoky tones. Craft production does not end with the creation of perfume; all components of the final product are made by hand: the lids are produced by machine but with a manual finish, the labels are applied separately, the boxes are produced and decorated one by one. Finally, all perfumes are hand-packaged individually, in order to be a guarantee of true artisanal perfection.

The target group consists of consumers in search of extremely refined, bold and artistic creations.

The key features can be found in the formula: it contains some distinctive ingredients such as resins, woody accords  and notes reminiscent of moss, and glorious floral and spicy notes with a touch of the traditional reveal a rich dark base.

Angela Ciampagna can be found in specialized niche perfume shops in the world, where clients can get adequate help in discovering the world of this brand. In accordance with its preferences and way of working, the brand cannot be present in classic perfumeries or in consumer goods stores.