Angelo Caroli

A new understanding of the concept of beauty and harmony

Angelo Caroli, the master of Italian style, is proud to present a new exceptional line of perfumes - EMOZIONI, created on the basis of his long experience in the world of wellness and luxury lifestyle. These suggestive and precious fragrances, created from natural ingredients, convey the pleasure you feel when experiencing the new concept of Liquid Beauty that gives grace and harmony to your body.

With the innovative EMOZIONI line, Angelo Caroli conveys his passion for beauty and well-being, combining different ingredients in a perfectly balanced relationship.

Angelo Caroli tells us about the creative process that led to the creation of the Emozioni line:
"For me, perfume is a combination of the internal, which is represented by our feelings, related to the past and roots, and the external, which is the way in which the fragrance penetrates the skin and spreads through the body in order to restore balance and well-being.

Perfume is a comprehensive experience that has an impact on all five senses. However, for me, the smell affects not only the physical sphere, it also affects our sixth sense, the emotional sphere. That's why we found a way for my fragrances to penetrate the skin and give new and positive energy, bringing the whole organism back into balance."


Between myth and reality, the fragrance notes of this collection were created to re-establish the miraculous alchemy between the finest natural ingredients and the ethereal vibrations they can evoke.

Precious exotic ingredients, such as INCENSE and SANDALWOOD.

Raw materials with warm and sensual notes such as labdanum resin from the Cistus plant and pure tobacco powder. Powerful and decisive chords here can create harmonious blends, elegant and very refined, which are able to convey and make even more precious the new COLORFULL collection.


Angel Karoli's new and exciting journey into the world of FRAGRANCE EMOTIONS where he discovers the deepest feelings and vibrations.

The new line of BLACK COLLECTION perfumes is inspired by one of the finest precious raw materials in the perfumery world, namely the OUD WOOD (AGAR), an ingredient whose hidden appeal is linked to the cultural traditions and skills of the Middle East. Its rich and essential oil is combined, thanks to the skills of the perfumer, with other fine natural ingredients that take us on a fragrant journey through the secret past of irresistible Arab passion.