Dikson was created in 1965 and became a symbol of Italian entrepreneurship in the field of cosmetics at the world level. It is known for professional hair products that represent a combination of creativity made in Italy and an effective and complete product line with effective formulas, easy to use in the salon and at home.

Considering the state-of-the-art production divided into 6 production facilities on an area of 600,000 square meters, Müster&Dikson is able to ensure serious and fast active production. This factory, founded and located in Italy, where it achieves great success among its customers, also operates internationally, exporting to 70 countries around the world.

Thanks to these characteristics, as well as the dynamic trade organization and widespread distribution, Müster&Dikson is a real reference point in this field.

Dikson Color

Oxidative cream hair color with plant stem cell extract, hyaluronic acid and hemp oil.

Dixon Color guaranteed to provide excellent coverage of gray hair and long-lasting color.

- without parabens and SLS sulfate
- 120 ml tube, dermatologically tested
- 100% coverage of gray hair with any shade
- a wide range of shades
- natural reflections of exceptional brilliance 
- permanent color

Swatch book you can find here.

Molecular pigment refers to the size of the unoxidized color molecules before the oxidation process. This is the main characteristic of all DIKSON color lines. Using the smallest molecules ensures penetration deep into the cortex, resulting in longer-lasting, more permanent color.

The colorist can choose any color from any series of the DIKSON catalog and when mixed with the 20 volume developer, it achieves FULL COVERAGE OF GRAY. This is possible thanks to their unique molecular technology and color saturation. This allows greater versatility and consistency in working with gray hair.

With Dikson, repigmentation of lightened hair is a one-step process. Simply add the missing undertone to your color formula and apply. This property of the color allows the colorist to perform the coloration with high reliability and in less time.

- plant stem cells: plants are rich in stem cells found in the parts responsible for growth, such as the sprout and root. They are a vital part of the plant and a valuable source of natural active ingredients. Even after extraction, they retain unchanged properties of self-protection (against cold, heat, sunlight...), self-renewal and recovery from damage caused by the harmful effects of the environment or other factors. They are able to create conditions for the regeneration process, effectively stimulating the cells of our body, which over time slow down the process of their renewal due to damage caused by aging, internal or external stress factors. These characteristics make stem cells a real elixir for hair rejuvenation.
- hyaluronic acid: it has an extremely hydrating effect, the ability to retain a large number of water molecules and prevent damage to tissue cells by physical stress, by establishing the necessary level of hydration of natural hair.
- hemp oil: revitalizes and gives hair elasticity, volume, compactness and shine, thanks to the rich content of essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins E, B1 and B2. Thanks to its softening effect, it makes the hair velvety.



What is Lamination?

Hair lamination is a process that not only gives hair structure and fullness, but also exceptional shine with a «MIRROR EFFECT».

Lamination aims at the recovery of all hair layers, especially the outer part of the hair shaft:
1. UNDER THE HAIR FLAKES, supplying it with proteins that give tone and fullness;
2. ON THE HAIR FLAKES, by closing the upgraded proteins and creating a lamellar film that, thanks to the thermal effect, acts like a «MIRROR»

Thermoactive biopeptide technology based on biopeptides (substances made up of two or more amino acids that, when combined, build proteins) and fluid oils activated by heat, forms a "lamellar" coating on the cuticles, which makes the hair compact and shiny and enables the lamination effect to be achieved by light reflection.

Their action in synergy with hyaluronic acid maintains the level of hair hydration during the lamination process.

How long does the lamination treatment last?
6-8 WEEKS, with the use of products for HOME USE specially developed to maintain the results achieved in the salon.


DiksoPrime is an innovative exclusive system of professional treatments with the highest performance that provide a new sensory experience in the salon and effective and lasting results at home. Thanks to effective and highly cosmetic ingredients, DiksoPrime provides targeted solutions intended for the specific needs of different hair types and conditions.

Each Ritual - after steps 1 (shampoo) and 2 (mask) - is complemented by a third product that facilitates styling and serves as the finishing touch to the desired hairstyle. The third product provides protection, definition and exceptional performance, while nourishing and giving hair more shine.

Each line is reinforced with a specific and balanced complex of active ingredients, which include:
1. One herbal ingredient, for an effective hydrating and nourishing effect
2. One technological ingredient, which increases the strength of each specific formula 
3. Rice proteins, as a common ingredient, for a superior texture and exceptional sensory experience
4. natural preservative

The special rich and creamy texture of the shampoo creates a soft and gentle foam with an exceptional nourishing and hydrating effect that makes the hair soft, full of life and shiny. The dense and compact texture of the mask intensively and effectively nourishes and detangles, instantly makes the hair vital and silky soft, even with a short duration of action.
They do not weigh down the hair. They are easy to rinse, in order to reduce water consumption.