Who are we?

We are JOICO from Los Angeles, the city of stars and beautiful people. Every day a new "look" is born here and new styles are created. In the long run, it can damage the hair.

That's why top hairdressers from LA and all over the world swear by our products because they nourish, color and style hair in a healthy way.

Together we bring health to your hair.

Joy (JOI) starts from within

Healthy hair for everyone, anywhere, anytime!

• Drastically stronger, healthier hair – even after just one use
• Long-lasting regenerating effect
• Hair is shiny like never before!

The beauty of healthy hair begins with the use of the finest and most beneficial ingredients and technologies in the world. All our products contain smart regeneration technology, and some even contain technologies that prevent all damage.

Meet our salon stars!

K-Pak Professional Hair Repair System

Have you ever thought that it is possible to bring back to life completely damaged, destroyed, lifeless hair? Meet the most sought-after 4-step system unlike anything else on the market. This system contains the K-Pak deep conditioner, awarded worldwide for more than 20 years! After this treatment, the hair is completely restored and regenerated.

• The only salon treatment that contains a hair protection system (Hair Protection System™), thanks to which the hair regains its ability to form, hydrates and becomes less porous so that damaged hair is renewed, shiny, smooth and strong - which the client immediately notices.
• Enables it to be shaped more easily after chemical treatments - dyeing and permanent curling.
• Makes hair stronger, healthier and more beautiful than ever before.
• Provides the client with a pleasant feeling, allowing him to relax even more and enjoy the salon.

A world of healthy colors!

Regardless of the shade or condition of the hair, the joicolor system regenerates while coloring the hair, which means that no other conditioners are needed during coloring. These are unique products on the market.

Choose one of our 4 lines of joicolor color systems that best suits your needs and experience the ultimate #colorjoi.

• Lumishine
Gentle on the hair, but with amazing properties. LumiShine® 100% restores hair and makes it stronger, giving it exceptional Hollywood shine and intense color.
- Lumishine Permanent Creme Color
- Lumi10 Permanent Creme Color (permanent color to cover gray hair in 10 minutes)
- Lumishine Youthlock Creme Color (permanent cream color for gray hair)
- Lumishine Demi-Liquid Color (semi-permanent liquid color)
- Lumishine Demi-Dimensional Creme Color (semi-permanent cream color)

• Vero K-PAx Color
Vero K-Pak Color is the perfect color for stylists who strive for artistic expression and great creativity. Since this is a pure tone color line, mixing and matching them creates an endless spectrum of possible shades. The mutual mixing of shades of pure tones provides a unique artistic freedom, allowing the hairdresser to obtain countless color combinations.
The result? Brilliant, healthy color that lasts and lasts.
- K-Pak Permanent Creme Color
- K-Pak Age Defy Permanent Creme Color. (permanent cream color for gray hair)

• Blonde Life
Blonde Life products are specially designed to achieve bright and shiny blonde colors. Concerns about an unhealthy bleached appearance are a thing of the past.
Most women who choose to go blonde want shine! Going blonde has never been so easy!
Blonde Life products were created to combat the challenges that blonde hair faces every day: yellow tones, unwanted shades and damaged hair.
The result: nourished, shiny and healthy blonde hair, with even the lightest strands protected from damage.

Joico product lines

• Defy Damage
Defy damage before it happens!
This at-home system protects all hair types from the daily damaging effects of styling heat, UV exposure and environmental pollution, which leave hair dry, lifeless and dull. It protects and strengthens the hair structure so that it undergoes a healthy transformation that you can immediately see and feel.

For weakened, lifeless hair
For complete recovery and strengthening of hair exactly where it is needed and when it is needed.

• K-PAK Color Therapy
For colored, weakened and damaged hair
It maintains the intensity of the color and the hairiness, thus preventing the color from fading and getting damaged.

• Moisture Recovery
For dry, dehydrated thick hair
Even the driest hair experiences an instant transformation and becomes incredibly soft and easy to style.

• HydraSplash
For dry, dehydrated thin hair
Deep hydration for thin hair, without weighing it down.

• JoiFull
For long-lasting, full and airy volume of thin hair
Add fullness to thin, weak hair to give it volume and volume without weighing it down.

• ColorFul
For normal colored hair
It preserves the intensity and persistence of the color and keeps it as perfect as it was when you left the salon.

• Blonde Life
For blondes who don't want to give up the quality of their hair
Remove the yellow tones, fading and damage that blondes face every day to keep the blonde bright and lasting.

• Blonde Life Violet
Instantly removes unwanted warm tones and adds beauty and shine to blonde hair.

• Style & Finish
Get the look you want and be stunning!
Our Style & Finish collection can meet any hair styling challenge while enhancing and maintaining your hair's condition.

• Structure By Joico
Style is not a matter of age or place, it's an attitude! STRUCTURE BY JOICO inspires people to create a specific "look" and style that highlights their personality.

These products help you be true to yourself and express yourself in a unique way. They encourage you to follow your rhythm in life and your heart.

Appreciate all the moments in life that make you feel special, stand out from the crowd and feel good in your own skin!

Product Testing Policy

JOICO is committed to providing high quality safe products. We do not test on animals to confirm the safety of JOICO products. The safety of JOICO products is ensured by the use of safe raw materials and, where possible, by confirming safety by means of patch tests on volunteers under medical supervision and by using alternative tests that do not involve animals.

You can view the shade of Lumishine permanent colors here.
You can view the Lumi10 permanent color shades here.
You can view the Lumishine Demi Dimensional semi-permanent color shades here.
You can view the Lumishine Demi Liquid shade of liquid semi-permanent colors here.
You can view the Lumishine Youth Lock shade of permanent colors for gray hair here.

You can view the shade of K-Pak permanent colors here.
You can view the K-Pak Age Defy permanent color shades here.

If you have previously used colors from other brands, here you can see which Joico colors to mix to get your shade.

You can download the Joico catalog in electronic form here.