Our philosophy

"divine rests in stone,
breathes in plants, dreams in
animals and awakens in people."

JULISIS is the new skin care for the 21st century. We are a high frequency skin care energy system capable of making changes - completely different from the industry standard. With JULISIS products, there is no need for exfoliation, exfoliation, the use of acids or other synthetic chemical substances. Our body absorbs everything we apply, and we want to preserve the health of our clients and the optimal functions of their skin.

JULISIS biobotanical products contain very powerful carefully cultivated medicinal plants, mostly from a garden more than 100 years old in northern Italy - far from industry and pollution. We use old recipes and combine them with the most modern production processes, following strict European pharmaceutical guidelines.

Our unique alchemical formulas, which are in harmony with your natural biorhythm, contain flower essential oils and plant stem cells combined with essences of liquid gold, silver and precious stones. We use a special bio-fermentation process to create highly effective live probiotics. All our formulas bring your skin to an optimal, natural balance, without the occurrence of allergic reactions.

To radiate and spread a radiant glow,
your inner and outer being should
to be in a state of perfect health and harmony.

The most important thing for achieving glowing skin is a functional ph barrier. It all starts with our gentle and thorough washing, to stabilize the ph level.

All JULISIS preparations should be used in moderate quantities, so as not to oversaturate the skin, but to stimulate its vital functions. Observance of our prescribed rituals will lead to great visible improvement. Thank you for your trust! Let your skin breathe and your heart shine...

The seed is carefully sown,
Grown and handpicked
It dried slowly on the taut silk
In wooden frames. In that manner
Wonderful "external" features have been preserved
Medicinal plants - as a sign
Their "inner"  beauties

        Julius Eulberg

- JLGE (JULSIS liquid gold essence*) is the purest active form of gold. Together with the element of the Sun, it clears the mind, brings harmony and gives energy. Your body produces gold as a trace element, helping to regulate hormone production. In Ayurveda as a teaching, it is believed that precious metals strengthen the heart and nervous system, increase endurance and willpower. Gold strengthens cell walls. The result is healthy, soft, radiant-looking skin.

- JLSE (JULSIS liquid silver essence*) stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, soothes and brings balance. In harmony with the element of the Moon, our liquid silver helps your skin's nightly detoxification process. The renewing and soothing effect improves your complexion and maintains elasticity. If you use it every night, your skin will be cleaner, smoother and firmer.

- JLCE (JULSIS liquid copper essence*) - in accordance with the element of Venus, revives substances in the human body. Copper controls the metabolism, has a purifying effect and promotes regeneration.

Copper, as a natural mineral, creates collagen, maintains the firmness of the skin and its youthful appearance.

- JLPE (JULISIS liquid platinum essence*) in accordance with the Ketu Moon, activates the oxygenation system within the cell and stimulates the vital functions of your skin.

The energy of platinum in the field of human energy refines, supports and strengthens. Your skin will be refreshed, healthy and firm.

Liquid precious metals
and healing stones
= alchemical transformation

- JLWPE (JULISIS liquid white pearl essence*) - in accordance with the Moon - acts on the energy of the center for transformation. The essence activates and refines emotional awareness, increases charisma. The highly hydrating properties of pearls maintain the physiological balance of your skin.

Created from the hardest stone on Earth, JLDE (JULSIS liquid diamond essence*) - in harmony with Venus - possesses the greatest healing power. Liquid Diamond helps to release the subtle energy flows in your body. According to Ayurveda, diamond strengthens the immune system and acts as a guardian of youth. In our preparations, liquid diamond enhances the effect of all other active ingredients.

- JLRE (JULSIS liquid ruby essence*) - in harmony with the Sun - has a stabilizing and stimulating effect.

Ayurvedic "sunstone" promotes joy of living, vitality, strength and dynamism. Ruby helps make your skin less sensitive and build a protective barrier.


Our patented liquid gold essence jlge* is the purest form of high frequency gold - in harmony with the Sun. Clear mind, brings harmony and energy. As a trace element produced by our body, gold helps regulate the secretion of glands that produce hormones. Ayurveda as a teaching considers that precious metals strengthen the heart and nervous system, increase endurance and willpower. The effect of gold can be enhanced by combining it with other healing stones.


The use of these precious substances in cosmetic surgery is not surprising. Gold threads are placed under the skin to fill out sagging cheeks and wrinkles from within and to tighten the skin. Our body accepts pure gold very well. Allergic reactions are rare. Visible lifting can be achieved with daily use.

Let your heart shine