Perfumes Amouroud rest on a bold and innovative legacy. They were created by developing the concept of made-to-order fragrances, thanks to which Perfumer's Workshop has gained recognition for its visionary ideas over the past 45 years. These are extremely elegant and perfectly harmonious perfumes.

Sparkling and dreamy, provocative and dark, gentle and warm, Amouroud perfumes are a collection of olfactory memories and stories, real and imaginary, conveyed with notes of flowers, trees, roots and herbs in perfumes that spread sincerity, joy and passion. Beauty Amouroud of perfumes highlights the extremely high quality of their scents.

Each fragrance is wonderful and unique. They develop well on the skin, not only because of their luxury and longevity, but also because of the great attention paid to the harmonious relationship between the ingredients. Oud wood is used subtly, so that it complements skillfully and carefully selected combinations that make each fragrance complete. That balance and harmony of ingredients is what it is Amouroud unique compared to other fragrances in the world of oud wood.

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