The Journey is a collection dedicated to travelers, those who feed on feelings and are eager for discovery. It is a journey across the American continent through mythical places and wild landscapes, and consists of visual and olfactory suggestions that are part of the American dream. A journey that begins in Boston, where a small factory named Blauer was born in 1936.

La Martina

La Martina has a long tradition in fashion and fashion accessories, and over time the brand has gained a reputation in the perfumery world, based on almost 20 years of experience in this field and several successful perfumes. With this collection, we wanted to pay tribute to those best-selling perfumes, putting them in packaging that is at the same time contemporary and respects tradition, in one word "timeless". In honor of old consumers, as well as new ones who get to know our perfumes for the first time and have the opportunity to follow the most sought-after olfactory trends in the selection of different fragrance families that suit different tastes.

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