Why La Perla?
La Perla means The Pearl, and each creation that Ada presented to her clients was displayed in a box lined with red plush, as if it were jewelry.
Today, La Perla is a world leader in the luxury fashion market – as a unique story of craftsmanship, innovation and feminine power, a story that has continued with style and refined sensuality for more than 50 years.

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La Perla creations are a combination of quality and the finest Italian craftsmanship and design, tradition and innovation.
Only the finest materials and laces produced in Calais exclusively for La Perla are used to create the lingerie line.
La Perla is a leader in the production of luxury underwear in the world market of premium brands.
La Perla Beauty follows the same principles: luxury and superior craftsmanship.

In 2021, the La Perla Beauty brand was introduced.
La Perla Beauty is a brand undoubtedly dedicated to women's beauty, guided by a deep love and respect for women.
La Perla Beauty is the ultimate ally for ladies who want to express their special femininity.
La Perla Beauty creates intelligently designed and luxurious beauty care products and provides an experience that makes a woman feel beautiful inside and out.

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