Wanting to realize a childhood dream, I started working with perfumes to counter the lack of creativity imposed by globalization and commercialization. Fortunately, the emergence of art perfume inspired me to create my own brand STATE OF MIND, a brand that provides an experience where the choice of perfume is elevated to the level of a ceremony, like a tea ceremony.

This is how the idea of the creation of the OLFACTOR TEA ROOM was born, in which, based on the smell and taste of tea, olfactory impressions of a collection of exceptional fragrances, which go perfectly with teas, are developed. Both tea and perfume make you feel good by awakening sensuality and creativity. In the process of selection, your state of mind changes, raising your energy and refining your identity.

The tea ceremony is a time for reflection dominated by ideas of harmony, respect, purity and serenity. STATE OF MIND is a place where we can reshape ourselves through the senses, combining the art of tea drinking with the philosophy and art of perfume.

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