Refined and modern elegance is the hallmark of the recognizable perfume house Welton London.

Englishman John-Paul Welton he is originally from Nice, where his grandfather is from. From his earliest childhood he grew up surrounded by the phenomenal smells of the wonderful countryside of Provence. Driven by his passion for perfumes, he personally works on all olfactory creations, be it perfumes or home fragrances. Wanting to show superior craftsmanship and offer the best quality, he chose to have the entire production of this luxury collection in the south of France, in Grasse, a city world-famous for the production of perfumes. John-Paul Welton runs the house Welton in a creative spirit, following your instincts. This is one of the few perfume houses that has remained independent.

The latest collection of eau de parfums is an invitation to a fragrant journey. These seven fragrances were inspired by his travels, the feelings he experienced in certain moments, the beauty of a place in Italy, Egypt, Spain, the Middle East...

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