A combination of life and beauty, bios and aesthetics.

A blend of the latest research and natural ingredients.

Specially designed for every skin type and every hair type.

That is what we strive for.


A family company La Biosthétique is engaged in the development and production of highly effective cosmetic preparations for hair and skin that are exclusively sold in salons around the world. At the center of their philosophy is always a person: whether it is a client, a business associate or an employee. La Biosthétique has more than 8000 partner salons and 500 employees worldwide.

The use of natural ingredients, careful treatment of resources and individual advice all point to the fact that the focus of the La Biosthétique brand is on the client, on their nature and culture, their health, as well as the pursuit of achieving complete beauty.

The family

In the beginning, Siegfried Weiser and founder Marcel Contier ran the company together. Today, after the death of the founder, the business is run by Siegfried Weiser and his sons Jean-Marc and Felix at the company's headquarters in Paris and the city they live in, Forchheim, where the production and research center are located.

As a family business, La Biosthétique stands out among multinational companies on the global market. Its owners, members of the Weiser family, are sure that this is crucial for success. Relying on family values instead of short-term shareholder profits opens up horizons for strategic planning. The combination of the cosmopolitan elegance of Paris as the French metropolis and top-quality production in Forchheim in the Black Forest contributes to the success. This gives the company an international character with clearly recognizable local roots at the same time. International, but organized so that one family member can manage every aspect of the business, where everyone acts as one.


In every bottle, every tube, every drop: quality is brought to perfection. It is the goal of our research, our way of production. The focus is on each product while respecting environmental conditions. As a consequence of such an approach, La Biosthétique presents the latest discoveries in the field of dermatology and biochemistry, tested in laboratories and in practice - natural, effective, beautiful.


Guided by its idea of beauty, La Biosthétique aims to create the perfect, special product intended for a specific use, in harmony with all other products. The synergistic action of natural ingredients combined with top quality is indispensable.

Hair Care

If something is of quality, it means that it is good. If it's good, it means it's useful: the products are specially adapted to the needs of the hair and scalp, effective and without side effects. For something to be good for La Biosthétique, every aspect needs to be taken care of. Everything is interconnected. Quality is not a state, it is an attitude that you must breathe life into. This is what La Biosthétique does. All natural, every day, all year round.

Product lines:
- METHODE VITALISANTE (Special care for dry scalp)
- METHODE PELLICULES (Special care against dandruff)
- METHODE SENSITIVE (Special care for sensitive hair and scalp)
- METHODE REGENERANTE ( Special care to solve the problem of hair loss and slow growth)
- METHODE NORMALISANTE (Special care for moist or oily scalp)
- LONG HAIR (Special care for long hair)
- CURL (Special care for curls )
- DRY HAIR (Special care for dry hair)
- FINE HAIR (Special care for thin hair)
- ANTI FRIZZ (Special care for unruly hair)
- PROTECTION CHEVEUX COMPLEXE (New dimension cosmetic hair products)
- PROTECTION COULEUR (Care and protection of dyed hair)
- BEAUTE (Gently removes impurities and facilitates hair care by counteracting damage)
- SOLEIL (Complete sun protection)


Color inspires and seduces. 
La Biosthétique combines inspiration, the best ingredients and cutting-edge research with metropolitan trends. The result is an incredibly versatile color system with endless possibilities of combination - a palette of pure creativity. This allows each client to get their own personal and unique colour, full of shine.


When Marcel Contier created La Biosthétique more than 60 years ago, he took care of everything, and the original values have been preserved to this day - a fusion of "bios", life, and aesthetics, beauty. He was an accomplished biochemist and strongly believed in the use of natural rather than synthetic substances. He was a philanthropist and a humanist. His motto "Think positive and your life will be beautiful" is still the guiding thought of the La Biosthétique brand today.

But above all, Contier understood the connection: in his salon, he didn't just think about hairstyles, but also about the scalp. And since he thought about the scalp, it was natural that he also thought about the skin of the face and about the perfect care intended for every woman and every man.

You can view the La Biosthétique catalog here.
You can view the La Biosthétique catalog of hair care products here.