Perfume creator, artist and forerunner at heart, Molinard, is distinguished by its special style. Beautiful ingredients are woven into rare and exclusive perfumes. They are characterized by an extremely long-lasting scent trail. For 170 years, this house has been using the rare skills of its ancestors.

Our story

The story of a perfume house Molinard has been closely associated with the history of Grasse, the world capital of perfumes, since 1849. Located between the sea and the mountains, Gras is, thanks to its extraordinary geographical position and perfect climate, predestined for the cultivation of perfume flowers. Here, as in no other place, flowers speak with their fragrance!

Its harvesting is a family occupation that is passed down with passion from generation to generation. On this land that inspires us, tons of flowers are harvested every year because of their fragrant properties: Rose in May, Jasmine in August, then Iris, Tuberose, Violet, Naradza flower, which contribute to the beauty of Grass. All Molinard perfume creations are inspired by these wonderful ingredients.

Unconditional love for refined materials is the impetus with which Cilia Lerouge-Benard, the fifth generation and first woman at the head of the Molinard house, continues its legacy by equipping precious fragrances with exceptional bottles, signed by the greatest glass masters such as Rene Lalique, Baccarat and Julien Viard. awarded numerous awards for exceptional creativity.

The timeless and refined, unrepeatable fragrances of this house are a reflection of an elegant and recognizable style. Each perfume reveals its strength and depth, combining opulence and authenticity, tradition and heritage.