Swiss science in the fight against aging

Line of Nescens of the product was created thanks to advanced research in the laboratories of Suisse Laboratoires Grenolier, headed by Professor Jacques Proust, a doctor specializing in anti-aging medicine in the field of aging biology. Nescens has a completely innovative anti-aging approach, based on an understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the maintenance and renewal of the skin's structure.

The Nescens skin care system is specially designed to counteract the biological factors responsible for skin changes caused by the aging process with its effective action.

- Products on the border between cosmetics and pharmacy, contain active ingredients whose biological effects work long after their application.
– A line of 19 products intended for women and men over 30 years old.
– 100% Swiss brand, starting from product formulation, through development and production
- Products designed to counteract many of the mechanisms responsible for skin aging
- The goal is to improve the physiological parameters affected by chronological and/or photoaging.
- The ingredients are selected for their proven anti-aging properties, based on scientific data collected during biomedical research.
- The selection of biologically active molecules with synergistic properties is carried out
- Ingredients are added in optimally active concentrations
- Local application according to the established order based on the principle of functional logic (cell activation, stimulation of molecular biosynthesis, stopping of molecular degradation...)


Solutions that will ensure a good and long life

Every human being wants to enjoy life as best and as long as possible. In order to succeed in this, we all strive to preserve our appearance, physical form, intellectual abilities and of course health. A long life is every man's dream, provided we lead the life we want. The Nescens brand was created in order to be able to follow all those who want to preserve the "capital of youth".

Nescens is the result of medical and scientific research at the Center for the Prevention of Aging at the Genolier Clinic in Switzerland, which was founded more than 15 years ago by Jacques Proust, a pioneer in the field of aging biology and anti-aging medicine.