Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock - Treatment for the recovery of damaged color-treated hair and shine

(8 customer reviews)

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock - Treatment for the recovery of damaged color-treated hair and shine

(8 customer reviews)

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Joico K-Pak Color Therapy treatment FOR DAMAGED, COLORED HAIR

The perfect choice for complete hair renewal: improves elasticity, strengthens hair and gives it shine.

Recommended for:
– colored hair
- brittle, thinning and chemically or physically damaged hair
– tired, weak and lifeless hair

– restores the hair structure with positively and negatively charged proteins
- the chains of 19 amino acids are linked in the correct sequence that allows for the restoration of weakened or damaged parts of the hair
– prolongs color durability
– prevents styling damage and fading
- pH: 3.5-4.5

– increased color fastness 2x
- the hair is shiny and the color is intense
– hair damaged by coloring is 9x stronger
– hair flexibility is restored
– increased hair shine 2x

– New SmartRelease technology
The new smart technology is a unique lipid molecule transfer system that continuously releases three ingredients - rosehip oil, arginine and keratin. These ingredients are the main elements of healthy hair that restore and strengthen hair from the inside and outside, and protect it from the negative effects of daily styling.
– Additional keratin
A protective protein that is naturally found in hair, restores it by restoring lost proteins to make it stronger and healthier.
– African Manketi oil
A rich source of vitamin E that maintains color stability thanks to the addition of lipids. Nourishes hair, giving it shine, vitality and softness.
– Argan oil
A powerful source of vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that deeply hydrate and nourish hair, making it shiny, flexible and easy to style.

Instructions for use:
– apply to damp hair
– leave it on for 3-5 minutes
– rinse

– increases elasticity, strength and shine of hair
– restores, nourishes and protects color
– restores the appearance of healthy hair and provides optimal protection

Final result:
- the hair is shiny, vital, and the color is permanent
– significantly increases the strength of the hair
- hair is easier to shape and is visibly more flexible and healthier

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock – Tretman za oporavak oštećene farbane kose i sjaj

  1. Verified owner Sandra (verified owner) -

    The best hair treatment, I've been using it for years and I would never change it

  2. Verified owner sanjamajneric (verified owner) -

    All recommendations, you will not regret it.

  3. Verified owner Jelena (verified owner) -

    Great product, I am delighted

  4. Verified owner Milica (verified owner) -

    All recommendations!

  5. Verified owner Aleksandra Mali Ignatijević (verified owner) -

    An excellent treatment for hair that is damaged and prone to breakage

  6. goldiana111 -

    He finally has healthy hair 🙂

  7. Verified owner Tanya (verified owner) -

    Finally something good for my unruly, unmanageable curls, dry ends and greasy scalp.
    This shampoo in combination with a mask from the same line alleviated all my problems with each subsequent use after 3 weeks of use: the dryness of the ends is present only on the damaged parts, but with each subsequent use less and less; the curls are defined, the hair is shinier, and the color is more intense. Even hair fall has decreased, and combing is much easier. Huge recommendation. I chose the shampoo in order to solve the problem of rapid color washing, and to get a product that strengthened and improved the appearance of my hair, which had lost its shine due to frequent blow-drying.

  8. Verified owner Ana (verified owner) -

    Finally shiny and healthy hair!

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About brand
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Aponi is the official distributor of the American brand Joico for Serbia whose products restore life and shine to even the most damaged hair.

Get to know the most wanted system in 4 steps which is different from anything on the market. This system contains the K-Pak depth reconstructor, awarded in the world for more than 20 years! After this treatment, the hair is completely restored and regenerated.

Healthy hair for everyone, anywhere, anytime!
• Drastically stronger, healthier hair – even after just one use
• Long-lasting regenerating effect
• Hair is shiny like never before!

The beauty of healthy hair begins with the use of the finest and most beneficial ingredients and technologies in the world. All our products contain smart regeneration technology, and some even contain technologies that prevent all damage.

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