Julisis Sun Emulsion SPF30 100ml – Emulsion for sun protection

(1 customer review)

Julisis Sun Emulsion SPF30 100ml – Emulsion for sun protection

(1 customer review)

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Active essences of precious stones
Very effective preparations

This unique organic emulsion protects and nourishes even the most sensitive skin immediately after application. Enriched with organic plant extracts and a natural mineral protective factor together with JULISIS essence of liquid silver*, it hydrates the skin, prevents its damage and premature aging. The light silky texture allows for even dispersion without leaving white marks and ensures an even, long-lasting tan.

It is suitable for daily use on children's skin and people who are prone to allergic reactions. Golden Day Elixir and Golden Day Emulsion can be applied before the protective emulsion. The sun protection emulsion is suitable for use on the sea and in the mountains.

Reviews (1)

1 review for Julisis Sun Emulsion SPF30 100ml – Emulzija za zaštitu od sunca

  1. Verified owner nadicadjukic (verified owner) -

    I used the emulsion every day, mostly on my face for daily protection. It is an excellent product and does not cause any negative reactions. As an additional effect, in addition to the protective one, there is also a nurturing effect. I also tried it under the powder and it seems to me that the powder "fits" better after the cream.

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About brand
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Julisis is the new skin care for the 21st century. We are a high frequency skin care energy system capable of making changes - completely different from the industry standard. With JULISIS products, there is no need for exfoliation, exfoliation, the use of acids or other synthetic chemical substances. Our body absorbs everything we apply, and we want to preserve the health of our clients and the optimal functions of their skin.

JULISIS biobotanical products contain very powerful carefully cultivated medicinal plants, mostly from a garden more than 100 years old in northern Italy - far from industry and pollution. We use old recipes and combine them with the most modern production processes, following strict European pharmaceutical guidelines.

Our unique alchemical formulas, which are in harmony with your natural biorhythm, contain flower essential oils and plant stem cells combined with essences of liquid gold, silver and precious stones. We use a special bio-fermentation process to create highly effective live probiotics. All our formulas bring your skin to an optimal, natural balance, without the occurrence of allergic reactions.

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In accordance with this Rulebook, we indicate on our products the "period after first opening" (eng.Period after opening - PAO), which is marked with the symbol of an open jar, with the number of months and/or years indicated and which indicates the time period during which the product can be used without harmful consequences for the health of consumers. Please note that this label is not listed for products where the concept of durability after opening is not relevant, which is also in accordance with the newly adopted Rulebook.


Type of goods: Cosmetic products
Country of origin: Germany
Imported from: UK
Ingredients: see on the packaging under ingredients
Manufacturer: Julisis Europe Ltd, London, UK
Importer for Serbia: Aponi doo Bulevar Despota Stefana 116, Belgrade
Consumer rights: All customer rights are guaranteed based on the law on consumer protection.