Sachajuan Normalizing Conditioner – Conditioner for normalizing hair and scalp

(1 customer review)

Sachajuan Normalizing Conditioner – Conditioner for normalizing hair and scalp

(1 customer review)

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Procenjeno vreme isporuke: 16.07.2024.
Procenjeno vreme isporuke: 16.07.2024.
Procenjeno vreme isporuke: 16.07.2024.
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Sachajuan begenerator for normalizing hair and scalp

Normalizing conditioner with "Ocean Silk" technology, climbazole and pirocton olamine hydrates and detangles. It has a soothing effect on the scalp, and makes the hair soft, strong and elastic, full of shine.

Enriched with "Ocean Silk" technology.

- Contains climbazole and piroctone olamine which keep the scalp healthy
- It has a soothing effect on the scalp
- Helps to normalize oily scalp
– Hydrates and detangles hair

The perfect conditioner for oily scalps with excessive sebum production.

Massage into washed hair and comb gently. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes. Rinse well.

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1 review for Sachajuan Normalizing Conditioner – Regenerator za normalizaciju kose i vlasišta

  1. Verified owner Mirella (verified owner) -

    Hair soft and shiny, all recommendations!

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About brand
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Sachajuan is guided by the beauty of simplicity. We introduced our line when we felt that hair care had become too complicated. We wanted to simplify things for stylists and clients. Thanks to all the experience, successes and mistakes, we have created products that we believe in. They have become a very important tool for working in a hair salon.

The products we create should be easy to use and understandable for every stylist and user. We believe that products should help you work with your hair, that you are in complete control, not the product. Using the best modern technology, we strive for high performance, simple communication and classic aesthetics. We choose ingredients for their purity and action.

We hope you enjoy it.

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In accordance with the Rulebook on cosmetic products ('Official Gazette of RS', no. 60/2019) which regulates, among other things, the way cosmetic products are declared. According to Article 15 of the Rulebook, "For products whose minimum shelf life is longer than 30 months, specifying the minimum shelf life is not mandatory.

In accordance with this Rulebook, we indicate on our products the "period after first opening" (eng.Period after opening - PAO), which is marked with the symbol of an open jar, with the number of months and/or years indicated and which indicates the time period during which the product can be used without harmful consequences for the health of consumers. Please note that this label is not listed for products where the concept of durability after opening is not relevant, which is also in accordance with the newly adopted Rulebook.


Type of goods: Cosmetic products
Country of origin: Sweden
Imported from: Sweden
Ingredients: see on the packaging under ingredients
Manufacturer: Sachajuan Haircare AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Importer for Serbia: Aponi doo Bulevar Despota Stefana 116, Belgrade
Consumer rights: All customer rights are guaranteed based on the law on consumer protection.