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We started our careers in the late seventies, when we trained, worked and explored the world of hair and beauty. We have gone through different stages in our work in the hair salon, inspired by time, people, culture and interesting thoughts about life.

A big challenge for us is always to achieve the perfect mobility, texture, form, as well as the ability to make the hair beautiful and become a natural part of the complete look.

Thanks to all the experience, successes and mistakes, we have created products that we believe in. They have become a very important tool for working in a hair salon.

Using the best modern technology, we strive for high performance, simple communication and classic aesthetics.

The products we create should be easy to use and understandable for every stylist and user. We believe that products should help you work with your hair, that you are in complete control, not the product.

We hope you enjoy it.

Simplified Hair Care

Sachajuan is guided by the beauty of simplicity. We introduced our line when we felt that hair care had become too complicated. We wanted to simplify things for stylists and clients.

Since the early 2000s, we have worked with Swedish scientists to develop perfect professional products. We let the performance of our products speak for themselves and avoid empty marketing stories. We only use the ingredients we need, nothing more and nothing less. We're honest in our product descriptions, so everyone understands what ingredients we've used and why. Our products combine style and content, form and function.

Our values

Our products help stylists and their clients achieve a distinctive look in the easiest way possible. Each product is designed to achieve the desired look effortlessly, allowing for modern, contemporary and individual solutions.

Our effective hair care products are clear and honest. They have obvious and easy to understand beneficial effects and ingredients, their names accurately indicate their purpose. We let you know why and how the product works. This allows the hair to be beautiful every day and to choose the right products easily.

Our approach to hair

Our approach to hair care is simple: shampoo, conditioner and treatments, if needed, to create an even base for styling. Our goal is to make hair look like hair, only better.

To achieve this, we look at hair in three dimensions: surface, structure and form, as each contributes to the final look of the hairstyle. Although there is no life in the keratin structure of the hair beyond the root, it can be made to look and feel the way you want it to, with a variety of shapes and textures.

We can improve the quality of hair by strengthening and protecting its natural characteristics, making it easier to care for and control. Inspired by this, we created our technology, which we called "Ocean Silk", to help create the desired result for each client.

We have professionally approached the development of each product and worked on it as experts in our business. We want to give people the feeling that they can have beautiful hair in a simple way.

Product development

Many brands engage in mass consumer research and product testing, but the result is often an average product that many will like, but rarely a product that anyone will fall in love with. The proof of the performance of our products lies in the many years of product development and refinement to achieve operational perfection. The real check is the opinion of our customers. We look forward to the moment when the product becomes an extension of the user's hand, achieving optimal control and mobility. 

We comply with all environmental and regulatory regulations in the markets where we are present, to ensure the highest quality and safety. All our products are developed in Sweden and most of them are manufactured there. The only exception is when a market's legislation requires production in that country.


We choose ingredients for their purity and action. We use extracts of two cold water algae harvested naturally from the ocean: RHODOPHYCEA and CHONDRUS CRISPUS.

RHODOPHYCEA is known to strengthen the hair, increase its elasticity and provide moisture. It primarily works within the hair to maintain mineral balance by increasing levels of magnesium, calcium, manganese and zinc, depleted by daily damage.

CHONDRUS CRISPUS acts mainly on the surface of the hair. It contains a lot of calcium and zinc that increase shine and protect hair from surface damage. Both algae have a significant nourishing and normalizing effect on the scalp.

Because the Latin names of these algae are complicated, we describe this combination, along with other carefully selected key ingredients, as our "Ocean Silk" technology. That's our way of describing how these ingredients work together to increase the elasticity, moisture, shine and overall beauty of your hair. This technology makes us unique and different from all hair care brands.

Our story

Our brand name was created by combining the names of the founders, Saša Mitica and Juan Rosenlind, creating Sachajuan in 1997 in Stockholm, when they opened their first salon.

After experimenting with various brands in whose products they did not find the desired performance, they presented their first products to the market in 2004, as a natural sequence and a new chapter in their professional work and as a reflection of the salon's style and appearance.

The Sachajuan product line was inspired by their ideas of how hair should look, feel and move, along with their vision for the future of the industry and their desire to make hair care simpler and more understandable for stylists and their customers. clients. Hair care has become complicated, with countless products and over-the-top promises.

Their vision was to create a simple, complete line to help hairdressers stand out thanks to the products during the toughest days at work. This line is designed to enable professional achievement by giving hairdressers control over their craft.

The salon environment is still the center of development of our products, where they are not only created, but subsequently used continuously. We make only those products that give perfect results in our daily work. We literally live with what we create. Today, that development is guided by the wisdom and experience of creative director Saša Mitica.

The result is Sachajuan products made to meet the needs of the most demanding stylists, first and foremost Sasha and Juan. Sachajuan products are sold in more than 30 countries, from Stockholm to Sydney.

Sachajuan catalog you can download it in electronic form here.