Hair, Nails

What says the most about every woman?

zena sa naocarama i maramom
Well-groomed hair, beautiful, well-groomed hands and, of course, neat nails.
It is a popular opinion that when a man sees a woman, he first examines her feminine attributes. However, not everything is like that. There are a few things that are imposed a little earlier. 
So let's go in order. 


Like skin, hair care is extremely important. Regular use of care products will certainly give long-term results.
If we carefully take care of our hair, use masks and packages when washing, before styling, we must use a product that provides thermal protection, all of this will be visibly reflected on the hair. She will look healthy and shine. In that case, whether we decide to tie it in a nice and neat bun, or to casually lift it up, it will always look perfect.
That's why a good shampoo, conditioner and, of course, a mask. It is worth the effort, because the hair is always in the foreground and of course if we ourselves are satisfied with its appearance, we will exude confidence, and that is priceless.


Women's hands. I might sound like a princess who lives in a castle far from reality. But not. Men notice everything. And no matter how superficial they seem to us on some occasions, they will always notice a beautiful, well-groomed hand and, of course, neat nails.
Speaking of nails. Do not always and at all costs go to length. Too long nails were never IN. And if you decide to have extremely long nails, you should not exaggerate with strong colors and patterns. It can seem aggressive and far from a gentle feminine hand.
Choose the shape according to your own taste. If you are in the category of women who wear pointed nails all their lives, take a break. Try it with more blocky shapes, you might like it. If you decide on French, you will certainly not go wrong.
There are no rules when it comes to choosing a nail polish color. The fact is that everything depends on personality, temperament.
Until ten years ago, the color palette was much smaller. With the introduction of new trends and bright colors, the palette has expanded considerably and it is simply unimaginable that the salon does not offer black, navy, blue or green.
I still stick to traditional trends. 
When asked about the color of the varnish, I always answer with red.
Red in all variants. 
My beautician says that yellow, green, black look great on girls who know how to wear them.
As for the patterns, that is also a matter of taste. Spring is at our door. Indulge in experiments, you might like it.

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