Affinessence luxury perfumes are above what we call niche perfumes, they are Art perfumes whose formulas contain natural rare, new or exclusive essential oils.

Born from the creator's passion for base notes, this collection of Art perfumes is created exclusively from ingredients that are traditionally used as base notes.

Those deep, powerful and long-lasting notes that make up the essence of the perfume appear like never before to leave a sensual olfactory signature, capable of stimulating all our senses leaving a breath-taking trail.

We have chosen rare natural essential oils - Benzoin, Oud, Ambergris, Vanilla, Patchouli, Iris and original notes of Gourmet Leather, Turmeric or Basmati Rice.

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Base notes, which have the highest molecular weight, are the heaviest notes in a perfume. This gives them exceptional properties – strength, durability, an incomparable trace and a special sensual warmth on the skin, as well as on natural materials such as cashmere.

Base notes, apart from being the essence of a perfume and possessing extraordinary physical and chemical properties, have the ability to touch us deeply as a deep echo of our ego. If we establish our affection (AFFINESSENCE) these notes, it is because there is a direct attraction between them and our senses. Warm, rounded notes of Amber, Vanilla, Wood or animal components are the real triggers of our emotions. Their divine presence on our skin, pleasant and deeply soothing, makes all our senses flutter, as well as our whole being.

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