Cellular inheritance

Swiss Perfection is based on heritage which the father passed on to his son.

The father is a Swiss philanthropist, the owner of the most famous anti-aging clinic in the world, who firmly believes in useful the effect of cellular technology. He is the originator of research in the field of cells, which has been recognized worldwide. Based on those researches, he developed the first cellular cosmetic line based on animal cells.

The son worked tirelessly to do so perfected his father's inventions in the field of cellular cosmetics. His visionary spirit and understanding that the environment is constantly changing reinforced his opinion that perfect cell must be of plant origin. After research throughout the world, a plant cell was discovered near Montreux that has incredible power and astringent effects.

Swiss Perfection is the first brand that applies plant cell extraction technology in cosmetics. Using the Cellular Active IRISA complex, the company follows the path of the Swiss family that was the pioneer in this field, with the aim of constantly providing the most advanced solutions in the field of anti-aging care.


The genius of the visionary founder is reflected in what he is an alternative to animal cells looking for in world of plaints. It was a real challenge to find plants whose cells showed the same fattening abilities as animal cells.

For few years his international team of scientists performed countless experiments. They tested various plants, but without success. They were on the verge of giving up when one of the scientists looked out the window. It was a beautiful spring day and the first flowers were blooming. He was amazed by the fact that the iris flowers were stronger and more numerous than the previous year, despite the winter temperatures. He suddenly became aware of this plant's amazing ability to regenerate. So he chose to examine it with his research and development team.

The results were beyond all his expectations because iris root cells showed much better properties than animal cells. In addition, their nature makes them compatible with most cell types. From those discoveries, his team developed the complex Cellular Active IRIS and the Swiss Perfection brand. Due to its beneficial effects in several fields, this ingredient is included in all products of this brand.

Scientists still harvest the unique Iris Germanica from the castle's pristine gardens to provide an exclusive and luxurious skin care experience.

 Castle Vullierens, built in 1706, is the property of this family and represents a wonderful land of iris flowers with more than 400 species from all over the world.

The estate has the largest European gardens dedicated to this flower. From this rich soil, only the most perfect flowers of the Iris Germanica plant are selected, in order to extract the exclusive Cellular Active IRISA complex, the trademark of this brand, from the iris root cells.

Cellular Active Iris

Using cellular technology makes possible that the cell remains undamaged and active and to preserve all the beneficial effects of iris root cells.

In the first step of our unique process, whole and intact root cells are isolated. They are then subjected to micronization (a process by which an object with a solid structure is broken into micron-sized particles) in order to ensure the safe penetration of their main active ingredients into the skin.

The following steps of this special technique allow for their stabilization and then the safety and preservation of the Cellular Active IRISA complex. Finally, Cellular Active IRISA becomes an active part of Swiss Perfection cosmetic products.

Cellular Active IRISA, a complex rich in enzymes and proteins, accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, increases oxygenation of pores, provides optimal hydration of the skin, promotes the metabolism of the dermis and epidermis, and its unique anti-aging properties visibly rejuvenate the skin.

Intact active cells, whose highly energetic and revitalizing abilities are activated in contact with the skin, regenerate the skin structure and thus rejuvenate the skin tissue, giving immediately noticeable results, as well as a long-term beneficial effect.

The results

By protecting cellular DNA, visibly rejuvenates the skin and enables its greater regeneration.                                        

It provides protection from harmful environmental influences, stimulates cell metabolism and encourages the natural process of skin renewal, by supplying it with the main nutrients and enabling an optimal level of hydration.

Tests have shown that it is very well tolerated by sensitive skin, despite the fact that it contains a high concentration of active elements.

Reduces DNA degradation of skin cells. Composed of a high concentration of enzymes and proteins, Cellular Active IRISA has a proven ability to reduce the deterioration of cellular DNA. This degradation is caused by free radical attacks on the skin. Young skin can recover from this damage, but it becomes more and more difficult for older skin. Ultimately, if these attacks are not addressed, cell degeneration occurs, which causes wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and other signs of skin aging.

Protects collagen. Cellular Active IRISA also protects collagen in the skin. Being the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is present in structural tissues as well as in the subcutaneous structure. Collagen is also a target of attack by free radicals, which weaken its structure and cause wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

Antioxidant properties. Cellular Active IRISA has significant antioxidant properties. Therefore, it has the ability to protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Cells are protected from premature aging.

Cellular Active IRISA gives visible results on mature skin, fighting against all signs of aging. On younger skin, it prevents and slows down the effects of time. Day after day, the complexion becomes more radiant, the skin is rejuvenated and has never looked healthier.


The precious content of the iris root is extracted by exclusive technology in order to preserve the maximum biological potential.

Produced according to the highest quality standards, Cellular Active IRISA acts directly on skin cells, activating their regeneration.

Factors that cause skin aging are exposure to UV rays, cellular oxidative stress due to free radicals and changes in cellular DNA.

The role of the Cellular Active IRISA complex is to protect the skin, strengthen its structure and stimulate collagen synthesis.

Its very strong antioxidant properties provide protection against the harmful effects of free radicals.

Protects cellular DNA and prevents cell aging.


Driven by the desire to continuously provide the most advanced solutions in the field of exclusive anti-aging skin care, Swiss Perfection is thanks to its complex Cellular Active IRIS has built a significant global reputation, especially in the field of skin care technologies. Swiss Perfection cherishes the legacy of a Swiss family that pioneered this field and is determined to preserve the exclusivity of the brand.

All Swiss Perfection formulas contain a well-kept secret – Cellular Active IRISA complex. They are carefully crafted until they reach perfection. In addition, Swiss Perfection is a brand strongly associated with the Alps, whose complete production takes place in Switzerland, including the Cellular Active IRISA complex, the pure water of those wonderful landscapes, as well as a series of alpine plants whose beneficial effects on the skin have been confirmed by their demanding clients.

They cooperate only with the greatest professionals in the field of beauty care, in order to be sure of compliance with high standards of quality and exclusivity. It is very important that the spa centers with which they cooperate reflect the image of their exclusive world and provide their clients with the most professional service and the Swiss Perfection experience at the world level.


The real Swiss landscape in which this brand was born, the meadows and peaks of the Alps, indicate its origin, rich history and heritage. It all started in Montreux, a pearl located on the shores of Lake Geneva, which enjoys an undeniable reputation for its cellular rejuvenation treatments.

1931 – Cellular Therapy
First research in the field of cellular therapy in Montreux (Switzerland).

1978 – Development of the Exclusive Cellular Complex
The Swiss philanthropist and owner of the most famous anti-aging clinic in the world finds inspiration in the advanced rejuvenation treatments with Cellular Therapy, in order to develop an exclusive cellular complex based on animal cells.

1995 – The search for the perfect Cell
The son inherits the passion for the study of cells and perfects his father's inventions in the field of Cellular Cosmetics. For several years, its international team of scientists has been conducting research to find an exceptional and incomparable skin care formula. In the course of that search for the perfect cell, there was a twist when the focus turned to plant cells.

1998 – Creation of the Swiss Perfection brand
As a true visionary, he directs his search for perfection to the kingdom of plants.
This is how Swiss Perfection was born, a true Swiss cellular skin care based on plant cells.

RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Serum – the famous first product in the Swiss Perfection line, is intended to combat the first signs of skin aging. This serum protects the skin from premature aging and harmful effects of the external environment. Its powerful formula calms inflammatory conditions to protect cellular structure. The skin regains its vitality, receives intense hydration, is calm and rejuvenated. This exceptional elixir, the pinnacle of cellular technology, is still a true symbol of this brand and its great success.

2002 - Presentation of Swiss Perfection Cellular Perfect Lift Serum and Cellular Perfect Lift Cream
Two luxurious products based on Cellular Therapy, with a high concentration of biotechnological ingredients,  have significant regenerative properties and act as a natural lifting.

2009 – Swiss Perfection with Cellular Active IRISA complex
Research around the world leads to discoveries near Montreux, where the first tests began. A very powerful cell with anti-aging effects was found in the root of the Iris Germanica plant. This scientific discovery completes the second cycle of revolutionary products of this family, pioneers in the field of cellular cosmetics, by creating a perfect plant-based line: Swiss Perfection with the Cellular Active IRISA complex.

Swiss Perfection presents 6 new products that join the famous RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation serum. The high-tech RS-28 line offers targeted solutions to stimulate the 28-day cycle of cell renewal, to enable intensive recovery of deep damage and prevent skin aging, from preventive care to very intensive treatments that give immediately visible results.

2016 - Presentation of the Cellular Perfect Men line
Four targeted treatments are specially designed for men's skin. They provide intensive deep regeneration and daily hydration, including the best protection against premature aging.

2019 - The story continues...
As the first brand to apply plant cell extraction technology in cosmetics, Swiss Perfection wants to  offer superior skin care treatments based on the latest  technology and exclusive care programs in the future.