Julisis is the new skin care for the 21st century. We are a high frequency skin care energy system capable of making changes - completely different from the industry standard. With JULISIS products, there is no need for exfoliation, exfoliation, the use of acids or other synthetic chemical substances. Our body absorbs everything we apply, and we want to preserve the health of our clients and the optimal functions of their skin.

JULISIS biobotanical products contain very powerful carefully cultivated medicinal plants, mostly from a garden more than 100 years old in northern Italy - far from industry and pollution. We use old recipes and combine them with the most modern production processes, following strict European pharmaceutical guidelines.

Our unique alchemical formulas, which are in harmony with your natural biorhythm, contain flower essential oils and plant stem cells combined with essences of liquid gold, silver and precious stones. We use a special bio-fermentation process to create highly effective live probiotics. All our formulas bring your skin to an optimal, natural balance, without the occurrence of allergic reactions.

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