Dikson Structur Fort 10x12ml – Ampoules for lifeless and damaged hair

(3 customer reviews)

Dikson Structur Fort 10x12ml – Ampoules for lifeless and damaged hair

(3 customer reviews)

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Dixon Structur Fort ampoules for lifeless and damaged hair

A specific treatment that instantly makes lifeless and damaged hair soft, full and easy to comb.

- works to restore the structure directly on damaged, porous parts and split ends, by affecting the protein structure and facilitating the establishment of the hair's physiological balance
- greatly facilitates blow-drying and styling, acting as an excellent detangling and softening agent
- establishes and stabilizes ideal physiological conditions on the scalp, even acting against dandruff and excessive oiliness
- it is recommended to use after the treatment of permanent undulation, coloration, discoloration, etc. or even earlier, for an effective protective effect. Occasional use after washing ensures prolonged action, making hair soft and vital

Apply the contents of the ampoule, distribute evenly and brush to allow the product to penetrate. In case of split ends, apply the product to the ends first, massage well and gradually distribute with a comb to the rest of the hair. After a few minutes, rinse with warm water.

1) Divide the hair into four sections; apply the product, drop by drop, first to the ends and then to the length
2) Massage well into the parts of the hair where you have applied the product.
3) Then comb the hair in all directions, in order to enable uniform distribution of the product

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Dikson Structur Fort 10x12ml – Ampule za beživotnu i oštećenu kosu

  1. Verified owner Milica (verified owner) -

    Excellent, hair is velvety and regenerated, an exceptional product that is now my hair care routine.

  2. Verified owner Mirka (verified owner) -

    By using these ampoules, the hair becomes soft, velvety and easy to comb. The product exceeded my expectations.

  3. Verified owner Milena (verified owner) -

    A truly fantastic product. It is necessary to be persistent and regular in its use, but the dose of the package with that number of ampoules is just right to feel the progress. Indeed, the quality and price are more than justified. All recommendations. Milena

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Müster & Dixon, a company that has been at the service of hairdressers and stylists for more than 50 years, with the aim of providing better and better services, as well as a high-quality product line, through its research, production and operations.

Dikson, founded in Italy in 1965, where it still operates today and achieves notable results, also operates internationally, exporting its products to 70 countries around the world. It has become a symbol of Italian entrepreneurship in the field of professional cosmetics. Effective hair products of this brand represent a combination of Italian creativity and effective formulas. The Dikson company believes that technology should be at the service of people, while at the same time showing a great understanding of new needs and trends. In their world of beauty, professionals have access to avant-garde and innovative reliable products, created on the basis of great commitment, experience and skill, and designed with respect for nature and the environment.

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In accordance with this Rulebook, we indicate on our products the "period after first opening" (eng.Period after opening - PAO), which is marked with the symbol of an open jar, with the number of months and/or years indicated and which indicates the time period during which the product can be used without harmful consequences for the health of consumers. Please note that this label is not listed for products where the concept of durability after opening is not relevant, which is also in accordance with the newly adopted Rulebook.


Type of goods: Cosmetic products
Country of origin: Italy
Imported from: Italy
Ingredients: see on the packaging under ingredients
Manufacturer: Muster&Dixon, Italy
Importer for Serbia: Aponi doo Bulevar Despota Stefana 116, Belgrade
Consumer rights: All customer rights are guaranteed based on the law on consumer protection.