Nescens Activator Serum 30ml - Serum activator of stem cells for the face

Nescens Activator Serum 30ml - Serum activator of stem cells for the face

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Serum activator, the latest achievement of Nescens biological anti-aging research, increases the regenerative power of stem cells in the epidermis. Targeted activation revives new cells, improves epidermal regeneration and gives the skin a youthful appearance.

As we age, the ability of cells to multiply decreases, so the number of duplications decreases. This happens in part because each cell division shortens the telomeres (the non-coding segment of DNA at the end of a chromosome). The biological process of cell aging begins when its telomeres reach a critical length. Only the enzyme telomerase can cause new growth, preventing telomere shortening with each cycle of division. However, this enzyme complex is present only in stem cells and its activity decreases with aging. Stem cells gradually lose their ability to regenerate tissues. The loss of the ability to multiply is followed by changes in old cells that negatively affect the skin, leading to its aging. There are changes in the synthesis of the extracellular matrix, as well as the disappearance of proteins and various inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Beneficial effects
Clinically tested anti-aging performance:
Evaluation by biophysical measurement (22 women – 8 weeks)
– Accelerated cell renewal + 20% from the first month
– Increased dermal and epidermal density in 82% users from the first month
- Reduced appearance of wrinkles in 77% users after two months

This stem cell activator serum is intended to be used twice a day, before applying the Nescens corrective care line, to increase the regenerative potential of epidermal cells.

1. Nescens preparatory care
Step 1: Cleanse your face and neck with a cleansing gel. Dry well.
Step 2: Spray the Metabolic Activation Toner into the palms of your hands and apply to a well-cleansed and dried face and neck. Gently massage into the skin to encourage absorption of the toner.

2. Nescens serum
When the skin has absorbed the Metabolic Activation Tonic, proceed with the application of the Stem Cell Activator Serum.

3. Nescens corrective care
Continue the care by applying Nescens products for corrective care of the face and eye area.

Stem Cell Activator Serum is especially recommended for:
- long-term treatment of mature skin that lacks density and firmness
- occasional treatment of thin and sensitive skin in specific situations (medical intervention or plastic surgery). Seek advice from your doctor.

Intended for women and men. Clinically tested under the supervision of a dermatologist.

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About brand
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Swiss science in the fight against aging.

Nescens the skin care system is specially designed to effectively counteract the biological factors responsible for skin changes caused by the aging process.
- Products on the border between cosmetics and pharmacy, contain active ingredients whose biological effects work long after their application.
- A line of 19 products intended for women and men over 30 years old.
- 100% Swiss brand, starting from product formulation, through development and production
- products designed to counteract many of the mechanisms responsible for skin aging
- the goal is to improve the physiological parameters affected by chronological and/or photoaging.
- the ingredients are selected for their proven anti-aging properties, based on scientific data collected during biomedical research
- biologically active molecules with synergistic properties are selected
- ingredients are added in optimally active concentrations
- local application according to the established order based on the principles of functional logic (cell activation, stimulation of molecular biosynthesis, stopping of molecular degradation...)

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In accordance with this Rulebook, we indicate on our products the "period after first opening" (eng.Period after opening - PAO), which is marked with the symbol of an open jar, with the number of months and/or years indicated and which indicates the time period during which the product can be used without harmful consequences for the health of consumers. Please note that this label is not listed for products where the concept of durability after opening is not relevant, which is also in accordance with the newly adopted Rulebook.


Type of goods: Cosmetic products
Country of origin: Switzerland
Imported from: Switzerland
Ingredients: see on the packaging under ingredients
Manufacturer: Laboratoires Genolier SA, Rte du Muids 5, 1272 Genolier
Importer for Serbia: Aponi doo Bulevar Despota Stefana 116, Belgrade
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