Baby skin care: how to choose mild and natural products

Nega bebine koze

Baby skin care: how to choose mild and natural products

Often, one of the biggest doubts of parents is how to properly care for their baby's skin. Babies have sensitive skin and it is necessary from the very beginning to take care of the products used as well as the composition of each individual preparation that you apply to the baby's skin. 

Parents need to find the best way to deal with all the advice from the environment and make the right choice so that the child's skin is cared for, which is best achieved by using mild and appropriate products.

Sometimes the baby's skin does not react immediately to some elements - high temperatures that can lead to burns, allergies to products that contain too many chemicals or a problem of a dermatological nature that requires the use of mild and natural cosmetics.

Child's skin type

Most babies have sensitive skin, even when there are no allergies or problems with a particular skin condition. Strong and inappropriate preparations can create a serious problem that requires treatment by a pediatrician.

Due to the high summer temperatures, babies can develop rashes that can create sores on the skin and turn into a problem. That is why it is recommended to use natural products that will keep the baby's soft and delicate skin clean but will not damage its sensitivity.

Another thing you should pay attention to is spotting potential problems in time. Eczema is occurring more and more often in children and the easiest way to deal with this persistent problem is to use natural and mild products that will prevent the eczema from spreading and help the skin to calm down.

How to bathe babies

From day one, it is extremely important to properly maintain the hygiene of the baby's skin. These are the tips that parents receive in the school for pregnant women, but also from the visiting nurse. Due to the large number of bathing products that are present on the market, parents are not able to judge how to decide on the one to use.

Care should be taken that the baby's bath is mild and gentle so as not to disturb the sensitive skin. With water at the right temperature that should be neither too warm nor lukewarm, choose one bath to use from the start to avoid using too many different products which can lead to skin irritation.

When it comes to bathing the baby, choose a product that will not cause discomfort and eye irritation if accidental contact occurs. But, even if this happens, it is important to remember that you must not panic, but be ready to react as soon as possible. Rinse your baby's eyes with lukewarm water and remove all traces of bath products, and calm your baby down as soon as possible because this will be a stressful time for her.

Natural ingredients that help

When choosing a baby skin care product, study the composition in detail to make sure it does not contain harmful substances. This is one of the features of vegan products, which, due to their mild but effective composition, are the right choice for sensitive skin, especially in the first months of a child's life. 

In addition, the addition of vitamins is always welcome because they enrich the skin and make it nourished and hydrated, which will help babies with sensitive skin and the youngest who still spend most of the day in a lying position.

Once you find a product that works for your child, consider using it yourself. From baby soap to a bath you can wash your hands with, these products are made for kids, but that doesn't mean adults can't use them, too. In this way, your skin will become healthier than before, and you will reduce the possibility that your baby's skin reacts badly in contact with yours precisely because of the preparations you use.

What to pay attention to

Sometimes it is necessary to take extra care of the basic problems that can occur when it comes to the baby's skin. You need to know in which situations it is need to react and find the best way to fix the problem.

Look carefully at the declaration to see the composition of each product. Often some products contain chemicals that can cause itching, irritation or redness on the child's skin, so avoid products that contain even the smallest amount of sulfates, parabens, phthalates and phenoxyethanol. Also, monitor the reaction of your children's hands in contact with any product. Even if it is free of harmful chemicals, your baby may not react well to it, and therefore it will be best to stop using it. Instead, find another option, make sure your baby responds well to it, and you'll solve the problem.

Hand hygiene

When it comes to hand hygiene, you need to use soap that does not contain harmful chemicals that can harm your baby. These things don't seem particularly important to young parents at first glance, and don't be surprised if people around you – or even your immediate family – tell you that you're overdoing it. However, if you keep in mind the fact that some of the products that are often used and promoted as healthy and useful are actually not, but can have long-term consequences for your children's health, it will not be difficult for you to find products that are good for them.

The main reason hand hygiene is so important is actually very simple – your child's hands are their first line of contact and they are in constant contact with the world around them. Whether it's on clean things like their clothes or personal belongings, or surfaces that aren't clean at all like the floor or furniture, you mustn't forget that the first thing your child will do after touching anything around them is to to put their hands in their mouths. Babies do this unconsciously and unintentionally, but also very often, especially when their teeth are growing, and that's why their hands must be perfectly clean. This is exactly why products full of chemicals are dangerous for them, and instead you should use wet wipes, micellar water or, perhaps the best option, baby soap and lukewarm water.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to find a product that will suit your child completely, not only because there are so many products on the market, but also because most of them simply won't work for you. That's why it's important to stick to natural options and products that don't contain harmful chemicals, but also to be persistent until you find products that you're happy with.

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